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Are you in need of a scrap yard serving Sherborn, Massachusetts and the surrounding area? Tradesmen, municipalities, demolition companies, homeowners and others trust our team to deliver the best compensation for their scrap metal. As a family owned local operation, we take pride in our reputation and value our customers. We treat every individual and entity we conduct business with like a partner – consistently providing accurate appraisal and payment for their hauls. We make recycling scrap easy and profitable with services like regular pick-up and equipment like roll-off bins as well. At Framingham Salvage, we’ve been helping members of our community turn their scrap metal into cash with unbeatable customers service for over 45 years and counting.

Our depth of experience and state-of-the-art technology allow us to identify the exact composition and weight of your materials and pay you accordingly. While another scrap yard serving Sherborn, Massachusetts may only accept copper, brass, aluminum and steel, our equipment enables us to recycle ferrous and nonferrous metals like lead, molybdenum, titanium, nickel based alloys, electronic scrap, electronic motors, catalytic converters, insolated wire, cobalt alloys, high speed steel, tungsten, batteries and more. That means more ways to profit when you work with our team at Framingham Salvage.
At Framingham Salvage, we are continuously improving our operation to meet the evolving needs of those we serve. We strive to perform above customer expectations so we can retain the business relationships we’ve worked so hard to forge. As part of our commitment to innovation, we recently invested in top-of-the-line Niton Handheld XRF Analyzers. These portable x-ray machines allow us to definitively determine the makeup of your scrap and write checks that reflect it. If the time has come to sell your scrap metal or implement a new ongoing recycling program you can count on our team at Framingham Salvage to boost your bottom line.

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    Industrial manufacturing facilities, municipalities, demolition companies, tradesmen and homeowners get the best pay-outs for their scrap metal.
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    Please note that we do not buy individual cars and we do not sell individual car parts.
As one of our machine shop or industrial clients, we will provide you with all the scrap metal bins your operation needs. Free scrap metal bin drop-off and pick-up service is provided for our industrial scrap metal clients. We’ll develop a plan to help you organize your operation while creating additional income by recycling your industrial scrap metal bi-products with our friendly and knowledgeable team at Framingham Salvage.

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    Manufacturers, municipal agencies, and private citizens all have one thing in common: the production, use, and disposal of millions of tons of metal each year. We can customize your scrap metal recycling process on a case by case basis.

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    Plumbers, electricians, construction companies and more trust us to handle all of their scrap metal service needs! Bring your scrap to our facility to be weighed on our certified scales and get paid top dollar or we can bring the scrap yard to you.

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    We work with manufacturing facilities and machine shops throughout the New England area and purchase the bi-product of their production. For our machine shop and industrial clients, we will provide you with a scrap metal bin at your facility.

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    We purchase the metal that is salvaged from your demolition projects. We have the ability to provide you with roll off containers, dump trailers, push out trailers, flat beds and smaller containters for non-ferrous scrap.

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    We will develop a recycling system that will effectively and efficiently recycle the scrap metal that residents dispose. All materials are processed in an environmentally sound method and done at our recycling facility, further reducing our carbon footprint.

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    Homeowners throughout Massachusetts and New England trust us to handle their scrap metal service needs for our transparent appraisal process, immediate payment, friendly service and convenient Framingham scrap yard location.

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    We understand that the manner in which we serve our customers is equally as important as the services we provide. By conducting business with integrity, responsibility and concern for the environment, we provide maximum value to our customers and create a safe workplace for employees, and set a strong ethical example for others in our industry.

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    Experience You Can Trust

    Established in 1965, our family-owned-and-operated metal recycling company has more than 50 years of expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing. Servicing individual as well as commercial and municipal accounts, we work both locally and nationally to provide top quality service with the best value for our customers.

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    Innovative Solutions

    At Framingham Salvage we pride ourselves on innovative thinking, by providing our customers with the most state of the art equipment available in the industry today. By specializing in scrap metal recycling and brokerage we can provide an orderly flow of scrap metal from the manufacturing through to the recycling process so it may be used again for the industry.

    Framingham Salvage Company

    Established in 1965, our family-owned-and-operated metal recycling company has more than 50 years of expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing. Servicing individual as well as commercial and municipal accounts, we work both locally from our Framingham, Massachusetts and nationally with customers throughout the United States to provide top quality service with the best value for our customers.

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