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Not all manufacturing scrap metal buyers in Millis and the surrounding area are equal. At Framingham Salvage we stand out from our competition by delivering an all-inclusive metal recycling experience that centers on customer retention. We foster and maintain long-term relationships with our clients by providing them with fair compensation, innovative logistic strategies and unmatched customers service. Machine shops are able to organize their daily operations and increase their bottom lines with our custom metal recycling solutions. Roll off bins and regular pick-up service can be provided free of charge for additional convenience.

We find feedback from those who we conduct business with help to tell the whole Framingham Salvage story and shed light on what separates us from other manufacturing scrap metal buyers in Millis and elsewhere.

Mike Williams describes his first experience with us in his Google review, “I'm impressed. Very impressed. Returned calls when they said they would. Showed up when they said they would. Considerate and timely. Dependable, friendly, helpful. I've worked with lots of recyclers and they were the best I've worked with, by far. They handled a project for me in Massachusetts, and I'm from Atlanta GA. Highly recommend them based on service alone.”

Jeff Meisner attests to our personable service and longevity in his Facebook recommendation, “I have been going there for 20 years and they treat you like family.”

Steven Gerardi explains why our scrap metal yard is worth the trip in his Google review, “I've been to several scrap yards, these guys are far and away the best. They are fair, honest and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend them. It is the only place I go and some other scrap yards are closer for me.”
At Framingham Salvage we’ve been operating as a family business for over half of a century. We continue to invest in our business with the latest technology like Niton Handheld XRF Analyzers that identify materials with unrivalled precision. Other manufacturing scrap metal buyers in Millis and the region simply self-inspect your haul and expect you to take their word for it. What’s more: these operations often turn away material they deem unprofitable and only accept bronze, copper, aluminum and steel. At Framingham Salvage in addition to those metals we also recycle lead, molybdenum, titanium, nickel-based alloys, electronic scrap, electronic motors, catalytic converters, insulated wire, cobalt alloys, high speed steel, tungsten, batteries and more.

If your searching for manufacturing scrap metal buyers in Millis or anywhere else, discover why Framingham Salvage has been the choice of those in the industry for over 50 years. Contact Us Today! Call (508) 872-4393 or email to get started with our scrap metal experts.

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    Industrial manufacturing facilities, municipalities, demolition companies, tradesmen and homeowners get the best pay-outs for their scrap metal.
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  • PLEASE NOTE: We DO NOT Buy Individual Cars or Car Parts
    Please note that we do not buy individual cars and we do not sell individual car parts.
As one of our machine shop or industrial clients, we will provide you with all the scrap metal bins your operation needs. Free scrap metal bin drop-off and pick-up service is provided for our industrial scrap metal clients. We’ll develop a plan to help you organize your operation while creating additional income by recycling your industrial scrap metal bi-products with our friendly and knowledgeable team at Framingham Salvage.

Call us at (508)872-4393 to get started today!

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    Manufacturers, municipal agencies, and private citizens all have one thing in common: the production, use, and disposal of millions of tons of metal each year. We can customize your scrap metal recycling process on a case by case basis.

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    Plumbers, electricians, construction companies and more trust us to handle all of their scrap metal service needs! Bring your scrap to our facility to be weighed on our certified scales and get paid top dollar or we can bring the scrap yard to you.

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    We work with manufacturing facilities and machine shops throughout the New England area and purchase the bi-product of their production. For our machine shop and industrial clients, we will provide you with a scrap metal bin at your facility.

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    We purchase the metal that is salvaged from your demolition projects. We have the ability to provide you with roll off containers, dump trailers, push out trailers, flat beds and smaller containters for non-ferrous scrap.

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    We will develop a recycling system that will effectively and efficiently recycle the scrap metal that residents dispose. All materials are processed in an environmentally sound method and done at our recycling facility, further reducing our carbon footprint.

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    Homeowners throughout Massachusetts and New England trust us to handle their scrap metal service needs for our transparent appraisal process, immediate payment, friendly service and convenient Framingham scrap yard location.

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    We understand that the manner in which we serve our customers is equally as important as the services we provide. By conducting business with integrity, responsibility and concern for the environment, we provide maximum value to our customers and create a safe workplace for employees, and set a strong ethical example for others in our industry.

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    Experience You Can Trust

    Established in 1965, our family-owned-and-operated metal recycling company has more than 50 years of expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing. Servicing individual as well as commercial and municipal accounts, we work both locally and nationally to provide top quality service with the best value for our customers.

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    Innovative Solutions

    At Framingham Salvage we pride ourselves on innovative thinking, by providing our customers with the most state of the art equipment available in the industry today. By specializing in scrap metal recycling and brokerage we can provide an orderly flow of scrap metal from the manufacturing through to the recycling process so it may be used again for the industry.

    Framingham Salvage Company

    Established in 1965, our family-owned-and-operated metal recycling company has more than 50 years of expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing. Servicing individual as well as commercial and municipal accounts, we work both locally from our Framingham, Massachusetts and nationally with customers throughout the United States to provide top quality service with the best value for our customers.

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